Theresa Opeka, Author at Paycheck

Theresa Opeka

From the author:

Northeast PA part of Booming Natural Gas Industry

The other side of the Natural Gas revolution

Is Chik-fil-A the Key to High-Enrollment in PA Colleges?

Food Deserts in PA... or New Opportunity for Farmers?

PA, like nation, hurts for more volunteer firefighters/EMS

The Future of Hemp on Pennsylvania Farms

How consumers can help PA dairy farmers

How a Proposed Fee May Hurt Rural PA

A Tax on Rain? Whose Idea Was That?

How Northeastern PA is dealing with COVID-19

How Pennsylvanians Feel About Reopening

Silver lining to Covid-19: Pet Adoptions!

A Glimmer of Hope: Counties Going From Red to Yellow

To Open or Not to Open

How Colleges and Universities Are Adapting During The Pandemic

Pennsylvanians Current Feelings Towards Covid-19

The State of the Second Stimulus Check

The Keystone State: The Key to Election 2020

To Be or Not To Be a Poll Worker in 2020

Are PA Hospitals Prepared for Another COVID-19 Spike

A Christmas to Remember

Vaccination Efforts In PA Slow Going

How Farmers View Incoming President Joe Biden

How President Joe Biden's View on Renewable Energy Will Affect Pennsylvania’s Future

What a Texan Can Learn From a Pennsylvanian About a Deep Freeze - Tips and Tricks To Make Sure You Don't Have a Terrible Winter!

What’s Causing The Lag in Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in Rural Northeastern PA

Frustration Over Pennsylvania's Covid-19 Vaccination Response

Should more money be allocated to PA’s roads and bridges or electric car charging stations.

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