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People flock to small towns

Moving from large cities to small cities has become a trend throughout the covid-19 pandemic. People are looking for areas with lower costs of living and more bang for their buck when it comes to the housing market and other options for families.

   “Friends of ours just moved from University Place, Washington to Cambridge, Wisconsin,” said Jennifer Slak of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. “They got so much more house for their buck here.”

   Throughout the worst of the pandemic, many people felt anxious about being in large cities where there were crowds and lots of activity happening in confined spaces. Being in smaller, more rural towns provided some semblance of comfort for those who were there instead.

   “I’ve got lots of stories,” said Catherine Egger, a realtor in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. “We have all sorts of people moving into my area from big cities. They love it here.”

   Small towns are affordable for families while also offering a slightly slower pace of life. Many people shop around for small towns within a few minutes’ drive to larger cities so they still have shopping, restaurants and things to do that big cities offer.

   “I love seeing my past buyers around town just glowing and enjoying everything,” Egger said. “They often are out doing more exploring than us ‘locals’ and usually have tips for me on places they’ve checked out.”

   While the cost of country property is high all around the Midwest, some people prefer paying extra for the property in exchange for the peace and comfort it provides. But there are still concerns for those living in rural America.

   “I don’t like big city people moving to small towns because of the higher theft rates now,” said Matt Artis, farmer in rural Evansville, Wisconsin.

Mary Hookham

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