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Helpful tips to keep your wallet happy

Remember the old saying:  “The Best Things In Life Are Free?”  Well, that is true but even saving money on items that you need or services that you can utilize thanks to the  taxes you pay to Uncle Sam are all worth checking out and you don’t have to look too far for them.  Here are some resources that you may have forgotten about: 

Let’s start with electric companies.  PPL Electric Utilities have a slew of rebate programs you can take advantage of for things you may have bought for your home or are looking to buy.  If you are upgrading your refrigerator to a more energy efficient model,  they will take your old refrigerator or freezer free of charge and pay you $35.  In addition, they will also take your old dehumidifier or air conditioner and pay you $10 when they pick up your fridge or freezer.  All appliances must be in working condition.  They will also give you a rebate between $300 and $400 for an Energy Star heat pump water heater.  They will also give rebates of 75% of cost of attic insulation and wall insulation and a rebate between $50 and $100 for smart thermostats.  They can also save you money with an online assessment or in-home energy audit.  To find out specific information, go to or

PECO Energy offers a $75 rebate to recycle an old working refrigerator and $10 for an air conditioning unit if picking up the fridge at the same time.  They also offer rebates for Energy Star appliances like air purifiers - $50, electric clothes dryer - $15, washer, $25 and dehumidifier - $50.  For a full list, visit:  If you are a PECO natural gas customer, you can also save by making your home more energy efficient.  For more information, go to  Duquesne Light Company offers similar programs.  For more information, visit their page:  If your electric or gas company isn’t mentioned, give them a call or check online for similar offers.

Libraries are another good source when it comes to things you may not have thought about.  Need assistance with your latest smartphone, tablet or laptop?  Many of them have a tech person ready to help.  For example, the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton, Lackawanna County, has a Tech Table located on the second floor.  If you need additional assistance, you can schedule an appointment. The library is part of the Lackawanna County Library System They also have computer lab learning classes, 3D printing, genealogy services, books by mail, services for kids and teens and so many other events, including a mini golf event.  For more information, visit  You can also check out your own local library.  You may be surprised at all of the great services they provide.


Your local fire company may also be a good source when it comes to free smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors.  They are usually given out when the time changes in the spring to Daylight Saving Time or in the fall when we “fall back” to Standard Time. 

Here is another thing that you may be using but may not have known that your tax dollars are helping pay for:  parks.  The fun and free things to do at a park are endless.  Ranging from going on a hike at a walking trail, having a picnic at a pavilion, learn about nature, play ball - baseball, basketball, soccer, whatever you like, have a gathering or reunion, children can play on playground equipment.  Some might even have a merry go round to ride as well.  Again, the possibilities are endless and so much fun.


We hope we gave you a few ideas to help save you money, both useful and fun!

Theresa Opeka

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