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Looking for work? There’s 1,800 job openings in Michigan’s Department of Corrections

If you’re looking for work then look no further than Michigan's Department of Corrections! Seriously, there’s 1,800 open positions right now!

Corrections officials say it's common for them to have a little difficulty finding workers because of the nature of the job. They usually only have about 500 open positions at a time but that number has jumped up due to the pandemic and all the lockdowns that led to many job shortages not only in Corrections but other industries, too.

The Corrections department needs officers, nursing staff, as well as food service workers. Apparently, much of the shortage of workers is because many folks decided to retire early and lots of others were experiencing burn out from having to work so much extra hours. Plus, medical stuff was tasked with all the extra safety testing for COVID and that added to the stress.

All in all, they lose about 50 employees each month due to retirement and promotion. So, it looks like this is an industry hungry for new workers!

What do you think? Would you ever want to work for the Department of Corrections?


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