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Politicians continue blame game as immigrants suffer at borders

Immigration policies in the United States are, once again, being overhauled by the latest administration in Washington. In the first week of March, President Biden’s allies on Capitol Hill presented a plan intended to modernize the nation’s immigration, revoke many of the previous administration’s policies, and assist undocumented Americans in obtaining citizenship.

   But how do Americans feel about immigration today? As they witness the tense situation at the U.S.-Mexico border happening now, many are frustrated with the political blame that continues, just as it did during the previous administration. Politicians aren’t making much progress because they’re too busy pointing fingers at each other.

   “I’m so tired of the blame game,” said Kim Fons of Milton, Wisconsin. “If there were a silver bullet answer to our challenges, it would have been implemented already.”

   Fons said she didn’t see good policy happening under the Trump administration and the impacts were horrible. It didn’t help the situation to witness the lack of effort to improve anything from the administration, she said. But what’s happening now isn’t any better.

   “Hopefully this administration will be willing to look harder at the impact of their decisions, admit when something is not working and change it,” she said. “There are human beings on the other side of our arrogant power struggles and I think it’s time we start acting like it.”

   The main point in the immigration legislation is an eight-year plan for citizenship for most of the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the United States. When these people have passed background checks and paid taxes, they would be allowed to stay in the country for five years. When five years have passed, they could apply for a green card to remain in the United States permanently.

   The more serious, real-time issue, though, is the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. Migrants from the U.S. are being expelled to Mexico while others are trying to get into the U.S. from Central America. Shelters are being forced to turn people away. In some cases, children are crossing the border alone and then being held in detention facilities longer than is permitted by law. As Biden sends F.E.M.A. to the border, Evansville, Wisconsin dairy farmer Aaron Hass is also tired of the political blaming and the general disgracefulness of the immigration system in the United States.

   “It’s so bad I’m thinking about flying to Mexico and swimming the Rio Grande myself,” he said. “Free health care, no covid restrictions and a check for just crossing hell. It’s like Monopoly, you get paid for crossing GO. Now what place in the world can you go that you can do an illegal act and get paid for it? We should pawn all our woke leftist off on Canada.”

   Hass said he questions the reasoning behind Central Americans’ desire to come to a systemically racist country. He also feels it’s sad that he continuously hears immigration is necessary in order for American agriculture to have a constant supply of labor.

   “This point boils my blood,” he said. “Why is it the finger gets pointed at farmers? It’s large corporations that want cheap labor pushing this woke nonsense.”

Mary Hookham

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