5 Fast Facts for Wisconsin's Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Wisconsin’s Paychecks

Executive orders, Immigration, and YOU!

President Biden is pumping out Executive Orders faster than we can down a bag of potato chips while binging “The Mandalorian” (which is frighteningly fast, by the way)! He’s only been in office for a week, and he’s already 30 EO’s deep… which is leaving some people salty, some people full, and others… concerned about the fat.

One of the big EO’s is all about Immigration… should regular Americans and their Paychecks be concerned?:

  1. Money saved… extra money spent -  he’s halted border wall construction (money saved), but he removed the “public charge” rule which kept potential immigrants from coming to the USA if there’s a chance they might need public assistance (extra money spent.)
  2. A pathway to immediate citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living here to eventually apply for green cards if they pass background checks and pay taxes (money in). The bill also authorizes funding for border security technology, as well as providing $4 billion to set up legal ways for Central American migrants to consider immigrating to the USA (money out).
  3. Better… or worse wages for Regular Americans? Experts argue over this a lot. Some say  immigration is needed because it keeps the economy growing but others argue that big waves of low-skilled migrants can drive down wages.
  4. Where are your priorities? Some folks would much rather Biden help everyone get back to work BEFORE dealing with immigration. But whether Republican or Democrat,, every president in recent years has had to at least TRY to fix the broken immigration system.
  5. Can you put a price on this? Republican representatives are wondering how this onslaught of executive orders will bring the Presidentially proposed “unity” if conservative voices are not even considered while major changes are pushed through as Executive Orders, and without thorough debate from diverse viewpoints.

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