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Michigan to distribute 3.5 million free KN95 masks: How to find them

Michigan is giving out 3.5 million free KN95 masks! 

The state of Michigan will distribute 3.5 million KN95 face coverings at no cost to residents as part of the state’s masking campaign. Free KN95 masks will be distributed by community organizations such as MDHHS offices, local health departments and Area Agency on Aging offices. The free masks are also available from Community Action Agencies. Some agencies will further distribute the masks to local partners such as homeless shelters.

Just a quick reminder, masking up includes wearing one of three options of masks that provide stronger protection:

  1. Three-layered washable cloth face coverings
  2. Three-layered disposable masks 
  3. KN95 masks 

It’s also super important to wear the mask correctly by having it secured over the nose and mouth and snugly fitting without gaps. 

Remember though, KN95 masks are similar to but not to be confused with N95 masks that are intended for health care workers as part of their work in higher-risk settings.

You can also find a distribution site at Michigan.gov/MaskUpMichigan or call the COVID-19 hotline at 888-535-6136.


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