5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania's Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania’s Paychecks

Senate Majority in the balance as Georgia voted, again!!!

It's been a long time since Pennsylvanian paychecks cared about any kind of race in Georgia but on Jan 5th Georgia was in a unique position to replace BOTH senators at the SAME time. Here’s why this Peach State Playoff was a big deal for PA Paychecks...

  • The Senate is key to the laws that impact daily life. Remember how so many stimulus talks fizzled out? Well, a lot of the fizzling happened in the Senate. 
  • AND NOW Republicans lost their slim Senate majority... America only has 100 senate seats and Democrats won both Georgia races. So, now there’s an even 50-50 split between Democrat and GOP senators. BUT Democrats actually gained control of the Senate because Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will now cast any and all tie-breaking votes.
  • Biden and the Democrats want to start making changes ASAP...and in order to appoint federal judges and roll out a new spending plan they needed the Senate to cooperate. The current GOP controlled Senate, led by Mitch McConnel a.k.a. The Grim Reaper, will soon have a harder time blocking Democrat-backed efforts!
  • The GOP needed the Senate to maintain their progress  - The last thing Republicans wanted to lose was the Senate and see their tax reforms challenged, less conservative federal judges appointed, and increased government spending.  
  • Pennsylvanians want a government that looks out for regular Paychecks -  Voting season might be over but wise PA residents are still paying attention to both local AND national politics. Whether you are stoked for Biden’s spending and tax plans or if you want taxes to be cut like your post-quarantine hair, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news that impacts your paycheck!

And you know how things go in Washington - with super close majorities in the House (D=222, R=211) and the Senate (D=50, R=50) there are sure to be a lot of political fireworks to navigate in the months ahead.

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