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Pandemic Results in Family Time, New Hobbies

   As 2020 comes to a close, the corona virus pandemic has no end in sight until vaccinations are made widely available to those who want them. This pandemic has affected everyone’s life in some way. While some people have to deal with anxiety and personal loss, others have embraced the additional free time during stay-at-home orders. Here are some of this year’s adventures from folks in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

“We got a dog, camped, started baking sourdough and did more reading.”

            Ann Valley, Madison, Wisconsin

“We started kayaking, and of course, I bought a new puppy that has added immense joy to my life as well as some new stresses. We also bought a camper and inherited a boat. We had fun teaching our kids about camping as a family.”

            Krista Bethke, Davis, Illinois

“My family and I took a trip to South Dakota. There was lots of camping and outdoor time.”

            Tim Wellnitz, Janesville, Wisconsin

“We had a baby! And pregnant during covid meant a major lockdown, but it allowed for nesting for four months. Who has the cleanest closets, cupboards and drawers? Me!”

            Laura Cunningham, Nora Springs, Iowa

“I bought a second-hand clarinet (I played when I was in school) to re-learn alongside my daughter learning the trumpet. Much of her learning was virtual, so having me sit down next to her and fumble my way through, both of us learning from each other and laughing a lot, has been a great covid endeavor that I’d likely never have thought of without these times being what they are.”

            Sabrina Meichtry, Brodhead, Wisconsin

“I’ve never had a green thumb, but took up [growing] houseplants because of a plant my aunt gave me from my grandma’s funeral. It’s the first houseplant I haven’t killed so I decided to try my luck with some more.”

            Niki Peabody, Whitewater, Wisconsin

“We got a new puppy, Toby, and had lots of family time. We did a lot of hikes and enjoyed our new above-ground pool.”

            Jennifer Slak, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

“I knitted and crocheted a lot for my family.”

            Marilyn Jero, Janesville, Wisconsin

“We took up camping and vacationed in eastern Colorado – there were no humans out there. We also got a dog, bought ATVs for each of us, bought kayaks, started working remotely full-time and, most importantly, I spent valuable time with the kids and wife that may not have happened if it wasn’t for covid.”

            Mike Shoemaker, Evansville, Wisconsin


Mary Hookham

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