5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania's Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania’s Paychecks

Covid Vaccine-What to Know

Calling Out those Media Fact Checkers who said the U.S. Couldn’t do it. The vaccine is in fact here before Year’s End! 

  • The Corona Vaccine is here! Over 200 companies scrambled to make the vaccine and Pfizer has the first one! (A second vaccine is also nearly ready, too!) 
  • The FDA just approved the vaccine for people aged 16 and older - Pfizer did clinical trials on about 44,000 people and showed that the vaccine safely protected people from Covid-19 about 95% of the time.
  • Health officials sent out a first round of about 6.4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine - About 3 million doses are expected to be shipped immediately and another 3 million held back and shipped a few weeks later so the first people to take the vaccine can get the second of two doses.
  • It's basically those who need it most go first - High-priority groups are essential workers (police and teachers) seniors (adults 65 and older), and people with high-risk medical conditions. It might be spring or summer before it gets to the rest of us.
  • BIG step in the RIGHT direction - The first of many COVID-19 vaccines means we are taking steps to keep the bounce back on track! YET we still need a stimulus of some kind, our schools to open up again, and the business climate to improve for paychecks of all kinds!

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