5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania's Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania’s Paychecks

Corona Surge: What does it mean?

With COVID cases surging, we might be in for a long winter, though us optimists remember it’s always darkest before the dawn. Paychecks are concerned, but knowledge is power, context is key, and yes, vitamin D is a good idea to help your body fight COVID! So, here's some Fast Facts to shine a light on the situation:

  • PA health officials warn that we could fill up our intensive care beds by December... because there’s already 2,700 people hospitalized with COVID. Meanwhile, hospitals are already being told to postpone elective surgeries to prepare for a possible wave of sick COVID patients AND all the emergency sniffles that come every winter season.
  • Healthcare officials think that 3,000 more Pennsylvanians could die by January - Just for context, about 130,000 people die in PA every year, and 9,355 PA residents have died from COVID-19 since known cases were first announced earlier this year.   
  • More lockdowns? PA Secretary of Health issued orders that strongly encouraged residents to follow safety guidelines - the health order guidelines include avoiding travel, staying home while sick, and wearing PPE, and regular COVID testing for schools, among other things.
  • Newest Coronavirus vaccine trial data show that it’s more than 94% effective - Whoo hoo!!! This is great news! Of course, the vaccine still needs to be certified by more experts but we can expect the vaccine to be ready ASAP for our frontline workers and the most vulnerable in the next few months. 
  • Pandemic relief is a constant debate in the halls of congresses everywhere - Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have hemmed and hawed over pandemic relief lately. And, even Gov. Wolf is calling for more Federal assistance to help PA’s desperate Paychecks.  

Pennsylvanians are still pinned down by economic restrictions due to job losses and the threat of illness. Lots to watch as policymakers in Harrisburg and Washington hem and haw over government led Covid-cash. And with multiple vaccines on their way, we’re hopefully just a few months from the end of COVID.

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