5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania’s Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Pennsylvania’s Paychecks

What did we learn from Election Day?

It looks like Joe Biden is the projected president-elect and Paychecks everywhere voted for the candidates who they thought would represent them the BEST. So, what did voters want?

  • About 33% of Us Voted for an Economic Bounce Back - Americans seemed turned off by divisive political arguments and instead hoped for something like the pre-coronavirus economy. One-third of voters said the economy was their most critical issue.
  • But More of Us Voted About Big Rona - Exit polls said 18% of voters thought the Covid-19 crisis mattered most of all in their decision. When asked about the balance between containing the coronavirus AND rebuilding the economy, 52% of voters said controlling the pandemic was MORE important even if it hurts us economically.
  • Democrats didn’t get all they wanted: Some Democrats feel like they could’ve done better (like by winning key senate races and losing fewer House seats) if they had not allowed “socialism” to be a major part of their messaging and also if they had avoided topics like “defunding the police.” 
  • Republicans (likely) keep control of the Senate - but we won’t know the Senate make-up for sure until two January run-off votes in the state of Georgia. Right now it’s looking like Republicans will likely have 50 seats and Democrats have 48 seats in the 100-seat Senate. If Republicans win one Georgia seat, that’s a majority.
  • Game Changer: 70+ million votes for Trump and for Biden - Both Trump and Biden broke records with how many votes they got and who voted for them! For example, America hasn’t seen so many Latino and Black voters choose Republican (Trump) in decades. Biden, on the other hand, did much better with White men in the Midwest than expected. 

So, it's gonna take time for pundits and pollsters to figure out exactly what motivated the masses to vote like they did but both Democrats and Republicans will need to re-tool their plans for a changing demographic future.

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