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5 Fast Facts for Wisconsin’s Paychecks

Decision 2020 Results!

It's crazy times y'all. Now that you've voted, time to develop a new nervous habit… or just focus on what will determine the race for real. Here's what you need to know about this unpredictable election: 

  • Swing states are still counting  -  The AP has called Wisconsin for Biden as he is up 20,000 votes. But, that slim margin qualifies for a recount. (In 2016, the Wisconsin recount increased Trump’s total by 131 votes.)
  • What still needs to be counted? -  Michigan looks pretty close to counting every vote and expects an announcement today, for Biden. In Pennsylvania, we’re likely waiting until Friday for the final results of mail-in ballots, so take any predictions there with BIG grains of salt Like, the whole salt shaker.
  • President Trump would need to win Georgia and North Carolina AND two of these three states: Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan. If VP Biden takes a couple of these states, he’ll be the 46th President of the USA. 
  • Let's fight about it: Disputes are popping up around Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan (because what else would we expect in 2020?). All these states are very close, so expect widespread recounts and lots of lawsuits
  • How does your paycheck feel about this?  Well, at least at the end of this it should feel confident that a good person like you had their vote counted. Which means that you did your best to help support the bounce back we've already begun. Regardless of outcome, our paychecks wish our next US President luck and wisdom in creating pro-business policies that get us back to that pre-pandemic economic success.

And the DOW is on pace for the best post election day rally in 120 years! 

 Let’s continue to look out for our paychecks by reading the news that impacts our wallets on a daily basis! (That's a super subtle way to say "keep opening our emails.")

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