The State of the Second Stimulus Check - Paycheck

The State of the Second Stimulus Check

  The state of the second stimulus check hangs in the balance as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate October 26 until  November 9, dashing people's hopes of receiving an additional stimulus check anytime soon.  As of the close of business October 26, the Dow tumbled 650 points or 2.3%.  Procrastination from Congress and  rising COVID-19 cases contributed to the reaction on Wall Street.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on October 22 that she and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that they were “just about there” and was hopeful there would be an agreement.  A published report said she told CNN on October 25 that she sent a list of concerns to the Trump Administration on Friday and that she would have answers Monday.  No word on  exactly what those concerns were.  Pelosi also said in the report that Democrats couldn’t turn the other way on other areas such as funding for education and state governments, just for another $1200 stimulus check.  Pelosi and the Democrat Party have rejected the  Republican Party’s scaled-back or standalone Coronavirus relief bills.  White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said on October 26 that the more the assistance package narrows, “the more conditions come up on the other side.  We don’t need a gigantic bill with lots of areas, and this is the issue, that have nothing to do with COVID or the economy, you see.  We can fight that out over the election in a week.  Or afterwards,” Kudlow said. 

  As the sparring continues in Washington, so do the needs of those across the U.S. and in Pennsylvania.  Many people, including those in Northeastern Pennsylvania, lost their jobs, through no fault of their own during the pandemic and find themselves waiting for weeks to receive any unemployment benefits due to the massive numbers of people applying, antiquated systems, and cases of fraud.  Another stimulus would surely help those in a bind.  A person from Herrick Township, Susquehanna County who wanted to remain anonymous but had children who went to college  said that college students should get a stimulus payment because they didn’t get one last time and they have so much debt that can never be forgiven and they can’t claim bankruptcy but it is a horrible thing when adults can claim bankruptcy but they are putting kids in this horrific debt and there isn’t anything they can do about it. 

  Kay, Thompson, Susquehanna County, said her last stimulus payment was put to good use.  “I bought a stove.  For the last 3 years, I have been saying I am going to get one.  Finally.  This was extra money.  I really needed it.  It wasn’t a splurge, it was a necessity.  The door was cracked and broken on the old one.  I really needed a new one for how much I bake.  The rest of the money went to local churches and fire companies.  I don’t think I used all of it and if I did, I could spend my husband’s,” she said jokingly. She said she feels fortunate enough to have gotten the first check.   “I don’t care if they send another one or not.  If they did, it would be like a bonus.”    Kay also said the current state of stimulus talks is, well, politics.  “It’s all politics.  They are arguing and carrying on.  They really don’t care.”

  While Kay said she was grateful she got the first check, there are those like Jean, Clinton Township, Wayne County, that haven’t been so lucky.  She still hasn’t received her first stimulus check.  “I didn’t get my first check, so I don’t know what to say about a second check.  I hope to receive the first and second checks,”  she said.  She has checked into why she hasn’t received the first one and is still waiting to hear back.  “It would help out a lot.  I didn’t have any specific plans but it would help with paying the bills,” she said.  What does she think of the hold up?  “I think politics is holding it up.  I think they will come to an agreement.  Don’t know when it will be,” she said. 



Theresa Opeka

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