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Americans lack confidence in national leadership after debates

   In a time when citizens in the United States of America become more polarized with each passing day, relying upon televised presidential and vice presidential debates seems like a worthwhile idea. Unfortunately candidates in the debates thus far have not made it their mission to pull Americans back together again and vote for the common good. Americans find the performances during these debates despicable and lacking in new ideas.

   “The presidential debate was horrible,” said Lisa Peterson of Clinton, Wisconsin. “There were zero new views of the future; it was so sad. The vice-presidential debate had a little more substance but still zero new views for the future.”

   Most people had their minds made up about whom to vote for before any debates or town halls happened. Some of those people had their choices confirmed by the performances of the candidates.

   “I knew who I would vote for before any debates but watching both of them made me aware that I was right in my choice,” said Jacquelyn Bondehagen of Janesville, Wisconsin.

   Anyone who perused social media during or shortly after the vice-presidential debate between incumbent Mike Pence and candidate Kamala Harris would have seen memes referring to a fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the debate. Many people were frustrated that social media users gave that more attention than the issues of the debate.

   “There are lots of unanswered questions,” said Jeff Ditzenberger of Argyle, Wisconsin. “But we are all more worried about a fly on Pence’s head than we are about solving problems.”

   Ditzenberger, a farmer, wonders about the future of agriculture. When two adult men act like schoolchildren, he doesn’t have confidence that either will be able to handle the important issues. He is irritated that neither candidate ever mentions agriculture during debates.

   “What are these guys going to do for the farmers?” he said. “We’re stressed about trade agreements. Is Biden going to be the negotiator that Trump is, or will Trump screw it up worse because he plays hard nose?”

   Peter Turner of Footville, Wisconsin is a self-proclaimed Trump supporter. Turner watched the debate then re-watched some of the more interesting parts. On top of that, he read the transcript for the presidential debate because he was dissatisfied with all the interrupting and child-like behavior from the candidates, he said.

   “The president did a fantastic job of standing his ground and asking pertinent questions which Joe Biden was incapable of calmly answering,” Turner said.

   Turner feels short-changed on the debates this year because he doesn’t feel there were real issues debated on or even discussed, he said. That feeling led him to a new conclusion about Joe Biden though.

   “Biden is actually too much of a coward to be a good president,” Turner said. “I hadn’t thought about that character flaw in him before, but his conduct in the last few weeks has sealed the deal.”

   Matthew Wundrow, a young dairy farmer from Poplar Grove, Illinois, watched bits and pieces of the debates when he wasn’t in the barn. He was also displeased with the performances of all candidates, especially Joe Biden.

   “When Joe Biden got caught in a corner, the moderator bailed him out,” Wundrow said. “However, Trump didn’t keep his cool like I had hoped he would.”

   Wundrow said he’s unhappy about how the media hides information from the public about the candidates. This omission of information provides very misleading pictures of the candidates themselves and their plans for the future of the country.

   “I blame mainstream media for not showcasing the more elegant, genuine side of Trump,” he said.


Mary Hookham

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