MI Corona Saga Updates! - Paycheck

MI Corona Saga Updates!

Our great state has had quite a wild couple weeks. Here’s a quick update:

The state supreme court rebuked Governor Whitmer for her use of executive powers. The court said her emergency powers are over right now instead of at the end of October. The 6-1 ruling means the 30 executive orders that were in effect when the Supreme Court’s ruling came down on Oct. 2 no longer carry the weight of law.

Now that Gov. Whitmer’s orders were struck down the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has orders that will fill the gap as the new law of the land. Most of the orders are in effect until Oct. 30 – although state law doesn’t indicate a timeframe limit to the MDHHS director’s powers.

Most of these rules are almost the same as before. State GOP leaders are calling for a full reopening and “herd immunity” but lots of other folks disagree and think some of the measures should remain. 

It's yet to be seen what will happen at the end of the month but state lawmakers are busy at work looking for solutions that will help the bounce back AND minimize the Coronavirus throughout Michigan.

Thanks for reading! Did you see the debates? Who Won? Check this link to find out what YOU think about the debate last Tuesday. We hope you laugh!

Lastly, we need everyone to speak up and vote for both the local AND national candidates who have your paycheck in mind! Let’s #BounceBack together!

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