5 Fast Facts for Wisconsin’s Paychecks - Paycheck

5 Fast Facts for Wisconsin’s Paychecks

Presidential Debates Cancelled...

Coronavirus and a little bit of disagreement seem to be the main ingredients of the current debate delay. Here’s the latest:

  • Big Rona shutdown the big debate: Trump and several other government folks recently tested positive for COVID-19 and had to quarantine. So, organizers first shifted this week’s debate to a virtual format. President Trump rejected that idea, saying he would not participate unless the debate was restored to its original, in-person format. 
  • Biden has committed to an event in Philadelphia: Biden will attend a forum hosted by ABC in Philly to share his plans for America and take some questions.
  • The Trump Train is back on tour - The President's campaign and officials at NBC News have plans for Trump to appear at his own town-hall-style event on the network this week, most likely on the night of Mr. Biden’s ABC event.
  • There will be ONE more debate (or so they say): The final presidential debate on Oct. 22 will be in Nashville. The Trump campaign is on board & Biden’s campaign has agreed to participate, either as a one-on-one matchup, or in a town-hall-style format where both candidates take questions from voters.
  • We want to hear from our candidates! - The debates and all public events are important for voters because they need to hear straight from the horse’s mouth! Paychecks want to know, “Which candidate is best for my state and this country?”

With that in mind, we need everyone to speak up and vote for both the local AND national candidates who have the best interests of your paycheck in mind! Let’s #BounceBack together!

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