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Who Won The Debate? What YOU Said!

We asked and you answered! Who do YOU think won the debate last Tuesday?

First things first though… Fran wants to know where the masks are???

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at what you told us about the debate!

First and foremost, Chris Wallace and his moderation of the debate. 

Wallace has received some criticism for not being able to keep control of the debate. And some are going too far to say Trump had two opponents that night.

Trump’s fanbase is still strong in the comments!

What about Biden, how did he fare? 

Kathryn shares how she thought President Trump’s interruptions were a show of poor manners. 

And some thought it was even unfair, as Biden’s opportunity to speak was interrupted 

Either way, we did see many more Biden shoutouts than we have in the past!

Could the debate have reshuffled votes? 

Moving past who you vote for, we can’t ignore the comments about how the debate may not have been the greatest show of American politics. 

Both Marlene and Greg share their disappointment in the way the debate played out. 

Did the Debate change your mind? Let us know on our Facebook Page or in the Comments! 

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