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USA vs. China 5G Race: Why American Paychecks should want 5G


  • China and the USA know that 5G is key to economic growth - Cell phone companies began deploying 5G worldwide in 2019 as the “next big thing” to replace our cell phone’s 4G networks. The new 5G provides faster connections for phones AND all the devices we need for work, medicine, security, and transportation---and 5G will be fast EVERYWHERE! 
  • China is already deploying 5G across their whole country (new cell towers, power lines, cables, etc.) What about us? The White House supports 5G - The Trump admin is making the case that 5G could be the next step for America to build up technology infrastructure for the next generation, especially in rural areas that don’t normally get investment from phone companies 🥳.
  • Some industry leaders oppose gov’t 5G intervention - Lots of people at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and several Telecom industry leaders oppose the Federal government’s activity in 5G. They think it's better to let the free market determine how 5G gets rolled out and where.
  • 5G can help America’s workers in all parts of the country - This new network will allow increased connectivity to both cities AND rural towns. Not only that, it will allow more access to connected devices like high tech farm equipment. You know, so your tractor can stream Lynyrd Skynyrd on Spotify (erm, so it can operate more efficiently).
  • Paychecks want to know what’s next? - China is already deploying 5G across their whole country and America needs to follow along, ASAP! In order to do so it will take lots of new jobs and investment from both private companies and the government. So, let’s hope Paychecks everywhere can get in on the millions of jobs building the 5G network!

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