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What’s already in place to help MI bounce back?

Sometimes you gotta look in the fridge before going out for more food; use what you got before making changes! So, what is already in place to help us safely bounce back as a country?

  • Our Taxes Have Gone Down - Lower taxes mean more money in our pockets! The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, for instance, cut taxes for every income bracket, especially for middle-income Americans. So, expect to have a bit more money in your pocket for bills and saving during the #bounceback!
  • Small towns are targets for investment - The 2017 tax cut bill also created "Opportunity Zones," which use a mixture of big fat tax breaks to drive huge investments in underdeveloped communities. This means there’s more of a reason to invest in Benton Harbor or Newberry, MI rather than Los Angeles or NYC. In fact, there’s nearly 300 sites to invest in retail, office, or industrial space! Talk about being ready for the Bounce Back!!!
  • Trade Deals and Tariffs Shake things Up and put American Jobs First - Some people criticize trade deals and tariffs but they do put pressure on foreign countries to make better deals with America, or pay up! Expect cheese, milk, and egg exports to increase, agriculture jobs to rise, and manufacturing to continue to grow
  • New Immigration Rules Push American Jobs for Americans First - Government officials have decided that American workers get first dibs on USA jobs instead of bringing in thousands of immigrants every year.
  • Paychecks want to know: Can #WeBounceBack with the Policies we have right now - YES! American jobs, workers, and companies were on a path of consistent growth before the pandemic so there is plenty of optimism this will continue once the COVID-19 fiasco comes to an end.

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