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#WeBounceBack – Use your Paycheck on these Amazon Alternatives

We often talk about how to help local companies, and now more than ever we can still shop online, help smaller companies, and get the products and services you need! Here’s some tips to shop with the little guy and avoid only using Amazon all the time. Follow these tips and put more money in the pocket of smaller companies:

  • Merchants on Amazon often have their own online stores - Selling on Amazon can be expensive for merchants. They usually have to give about 15% of each sale to Amazon. So, merchants often have their own websites to save money and still deliver the goods to their customers!
  • Help the Little Guy and Shop on their website- You can quickly look and see if your amazon seller has their own online store before buying. Just google search the seller’s name and usually you’ll see if they have their own website for shopping.
  • You can also shop on more “seller friendly” websites - There are other large marketplaces that are better for small retailers. For example, if you buy musical instruments, you can buy it off Reverb.com (possibly from the same seller on amazon) but instead the seller pays only 5% to Reverb instead of the whopping 15% fees charged by Amazon! You get the same price AND the smaller guy gets more profit. Win-Win!
  • You can buy almost anything (books, clothes, household items, etc.) from smaller stores - There's several great websites that allow you to buy online from a local bookshop or try this apparel shop for authentic clothes made in WI! You can shop for children and babies with “Mom & Pop Toy Shop.” Lastly, you can also just search for a product and check “buy on google” and the seller won’t pay any commission fees if google sends them to you!
  • Paychecks care about where our stuff comes from and who benefits from it - When the money is spread out instead of just going to one big company then we all win and #WeBounceBack together! So, shop the little guys, be sure to sign our #BounceBack Pledge, tell your friends, and VOTE for your Paycheck this November 3rd!

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