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Struggling Local Biz? Customers to the rescue!!!

Small, local businesses are not only the backbone of our economy but they are also loved by their communities! However, local businesses only survive if we choose to support them with our Paychecks.

A great example of this occurred in Saline, Michigan with Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop. A small coffee shop was starting to rebuild after the lockdowns when <gasp> a new threat showed up! The coffee shop was soon to have a new Starbucks as a neighbor and competitor! 

Thankfully, customers of Brewed Awakenings coffee shop in Saline heard about the potential new construction and committed to keep their favorite coffee shop local and family owned. The good news is that the builders decided NOT to go ahead with Starbucks afterall. 

But this goes to show that small businesses thrive when we shop small and appreciate them with our cash!

Here’s to your future and let’s make sure #WeBounceBack together in Michigan this Fall! Sign our pledge and VOTE for your Paycheck in November!



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