Kenosha Mayor Seeks Federal & State Help for Businesses Damaged by Violent Protests

Kenosha Mayor Seeks Federal & State Help for Businesses Damaged by Violent Protests

Kenosha Mayor, John Antaramian, is seeking both federal and state assistance for businesses damaged and destroyed during violent protests in Kenosha. Dozens of businesses were either burned, looted or damaged since protests broke out over the officer involved shooting of Jacob Blake. 

Some news reports indicated that as many as 30 businesses were damaged across the city. Kenosha’s Uptown Business District appears to have sustained the most damage throughout the city with some businesses reporting more than $100,000 in losses.

Thankfully our local nonprofit organizations, such as Kenosha Downtown Inc. and other community members, have been lending a hand during the past several days. They have worked hard to clean up the city streets, removing graffiti, and helping to fix up what’s left. 

As a matter of fact Kenosha Downtown Inc. was able to board up most of the city’s business yesterday and is now waiting on approval from the fire department to expand their efforts further into the Uptown Business District.

But they will need more help. So, hopefully Federal and State funds will be given so Kenosha can continue to rebuild. The great city obviously has the people and the will to continue and everyone wants to see how #WeBounceBack in Kenosha!


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