Extra Unemployment Cash for Wisconsinites!

Extra Unemployment Cash for Wisconsinites!

Are you one of the 140,000 out-of-work Wisconsinites eligible for increased unemployment benefits? 

Well, we got some good news and some bad news.

First, the good news: The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved Wisconsin's application to participate in the Lost Wage Assistance program, which supplements unemployment insurance payments by $300 a week. (You might recall that this is part of Trump’s executive action from early August and it's now being implemented.)

Bad news: eligible Wisconsinites likely won't receive the money until October because it'll take the government officials four to five weeks to set up the program in the computer system, and two more weeks to test the system. When the payments are sent out they will take into account any weeks of delay. So, for now, it's at least three extra weeks of $300/week but it could be extended. 

Governor Evers signed up for this program only five days before it was approved. So, it's likely that if any extension is offered Wisconsin will be quick to jump onboard.

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