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Who would be better for the economy, Biden or Trump?

And the question of the week is... Who would be better for the economy, Biden or Trump? 

And after sorting through what seemed to be hundreds and hundreds.. And hundreds of comments.. Here’s what you had to say! 

One vote for trump! Jack argues that Trump already has the “building a stronger economy” achievement under his belt. Being for freedom, not control, Jack worries the Democrats might  bring higher taxes and less money in his wallet.

Our second vote for Trump comes from Mark who likes the idea that Trump is a job creator. We need our jobs to live! When it comes down to it, voting for your job.. And paycheck.. seems like a reasonable choice to us!

And finally, our third vote for Trump comes from Keith. Like many other Americans living in urban centers, Keith is tired of the riots, looting, and civil unrest. But most of all, tired of the police not being able to take action against those destroying our cities and neighborhoods. 

Biden’s first vote comes from Keith, who gives credit to Obama and Biden for creating the Economy on the up and up Trump inherited. Gotta give credit where credit is due! 

Cordie seems to be undecided still, but points out her thoughts on how Biden may do the country  more in terms of bringing the two opposing sides back together. It’s true that both sides disagree with the riots and looting! 

Another vote for Biden comes from Linda, who argues that Biden would undo much of the damage Trump has done. It’s no secret that the country is divided at the moment. Could working to unite the people while making some sacrifices benefit the country as a whole? 

Regardless of who you plan on voting for, vote like Melissa! For America! 

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