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What is happening with WI State universities during the Fall semester?

  • First, a Parental Protest: We all know that Big 10 schools already cancelled football for the fall and the folks are not happy
  • UW is Open for Business: University of Wisconsin-Madison students are moving into residence halls next week and into classrooms Sept. 2. UW-Eau Claire is opening as well. At the College of Menominee Nation, classes started up last week! 
  • Other Universities...not so much: Notre Dame is doing two weeks of online undergraduate instruction, and Michigan State University is going fully remote for the semester. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also moved classes online after a cluster of students tested positive in the first week.
  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way: UW is deploying the hybrid model of online and in-person instruction, and heavily testing and tracking down those who are ill. The goal is to test between 6,000 and 8,000 students and staff each week in hopes of locating any COVID-19 infection clusters.
  • Learning? Or Cold Hard Cash? Some admins are saying students are ready to learn and everyone can stay healthy. Plus, nothing can replace the in-person college experience, right? Others disagree and think the push to open is just a money grab. Many colleges, including WI colleges, are hurting for cash and the schools need tuition money. 


Apparently, the average person with just a bachelor’s degree generally earns about $78,000 compared to $45,000 for a person who stops at a high school diploma. So, college is still profitable for those average folks. But for how long and at what cost? Maybe a silver lining of Covid will be a new, effective, affordable college and university system! Fresh ideas welcome.


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