What's Up with Federal Law Enforcement in Portland, Chicago, etc?

What’s Up with Federal Law Enforcement in Portland, Chicago, etc?

Federal agents have been deployed to cities across the country in response to rapid rises in civil unrest and violent crime.

Crime ain’t good for business and you don’t need to be an expert to know that looting, and unrest make everything worse for regular folks trying to pad their paychecks. 

Watch out, looters, the Feds are sending officers to crack down on angry mobs and to arrest violent criminals as part of Operation Legend

Democrats and many local officials aren’t happy with this move. Some say the extra force is fanning the flames while others are still hopeful extra law enforcement can help. Nothing to see here….move along…. 

The Trump Administration says the extra force is needed while violent crime is surging across America and local authorities aren’t upholding the law. But, to be fair, some officials have supported the intervention hoping that it will allow people to get back to their regular lives. 

What are your thoughts? Should Trump continue to send in the Federal law enforcement or should local authorities try to restrict the Feds in the courts? Let us know what you think. 

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