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Another Stimulus is on the Way?

This time, it’s called the HEALS Act (Help, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection and Schools). And this stimulus is more than just a pretty acronym... 

How much? $1,200 per person, plus $500 each for ALL your dependants, including that ex-college student playing video games in your basement and the live-in mother-in-law nagging you about your weight. 

“Bonus” for the unemployed… they’ll get $200 weekly until September, and will cover up to 70% of their lost wages come October.  

Those struggling small businesses that have lost at least 50% of their revenue will get access to more loans. 

Shields against COVID-19-related lawsuits will be put in place, so that businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, nonprofits, universities, and government agencies can open with confidence, knowing they can’t be sued as long as they don’t act reckless about ‘rona safety measures. 

A storm of stimulus memes and jokes can be expected as the checks begin to roll out. We’ll be sure to share them too — make sure to follow us on Facebook. It may take a few weeks before the details are finalized and checks start to hit our bank accounts, but all parties (the Rs and the Ds) have agreed it will be very soon. 


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