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Should I Stay or Should I Go…Back to School? We Don’t Know

CDC Guidelines — Director Robert Redfield has said that his “position is the public health of the students of this nation is best served by getting schools reopened.” So the CDC put out guidelines to help make that happen safely. 

Lost in Politics? Moms & Dads are struggling with what to do, one poll says only about 25% of parents think schools are safe right now. That poll also says “Half of Republicans said they thought schools were safe, compared with only one in 10 Democrats.” 

Meanwhile, the National Pediatrics Association also recommends children go back to school because reopening is essential for the country's most vulnerable students, including poor students who often rely on basic services provided by schools. 

Maybe we just need more guidelines: The White House plans to release their own reopening guidelines very soon. 

How will this impact your Paycheck? Well, 1 in 5 workers need schools and day-care centers just so they can go to work. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated on what to expect next. 

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