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Should Schools Open In The Fall?

We’re back! Or.. umm.. It looks like YOU’RE back! We asked and you answered. Should our schools reopen this fall?

At any other time in history our younger selves would have jumped for joy hearing school was canceled… but times are strange now… to say the least. Months into the Pandemic many are wondering what the plan is to educate the children! 

Here’s what you think! 

The first and most common answer was a straight up no!

Cautious parents are playing the safe card here and saying, “heck to the no” to sending their kids back to school this Summer and Fall. We need to keep the children safe! 

But that’s only a part of it! What about all of the teachers and support staff that have to go to school at the same time? We’ve got to keep them safe too! 

It’s clear that this camp of paycheck fans leans towards the side of caution. While they may not buy into all of the mumbo jumbo in the air surrounding the virus, they care deeply about protecting their kids and the teachers that work so hard. Much respect ✊

So what about the in-betweeners? This group saw a way to open schools but had a few requirements they needed filled before they felt comfortable. Andrea had one big requirement.

Others, like Jeff, rooted for the option to send kids back to school. Being told what to do has rubbed many the wrong way. Whatever happened to free choice? This is America after all, right?

Another good point: Barbara highlighted how important it is for high-risk families to have options.  

Not everyone is ready to send their kids back to school. Parents should have the  right to make decisions based on their family’s safety! 

Our final group are  those who cannot wait to send their kids back to school. This group believes the pandemic has been overblown and they aren’t buying into the need to open schools slowly. 

With kids being the group with the lowest amount of risk, David points out how staying at home away from others can be way worse than catching the virus. Developing a nasty video game habit while staying home won’t do anyone good!

On another note, Bill isn't worried much at all about a virus with such a high recovery rate.

We can’t stay locked away forever while the Coronavirus runs its course. 

At the end of the day the kids need to go back to school one way or another. Teaching through packets and online tools is not cutting it for our youngsters. Sooner or later they will have to go back to normal class and be around other kids. But the best way to go about this is still undecided and with so many opposing opinions, it might be best to leave the choice up to individual families. 

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