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Grape Themed Summertime Fun!?

Check out these fun ideas that support local businesses and go easy on your paycheck.

Visit a farm and pick berries. Imagine a beautiful day, enjoying the fresh air, and going on a little treasure hunt for fresh, local produce! Plus, you can learn how to make jam or salsa. Now I’m picturing I love Lucy stomping grapes. 

Take a drive down memory lane to the drive in movie theater! You’ll enjoy the classic films under the stars. 

Explore those state parks. Just be sure to book ahead of time and get your entrance sticker. That great day turns to sour grapes fast when you can’t buy a day pass once you arrive.

Indoor Amusement like the Cereal City Escape Room located in Battle Creek or maybe FunTyme Adventure Parks located in Grand Ledge. Places like this are great choices for singles, groups, or dates looking to have fun indoors. 

Tasty Treats to cool off After your adventures you’ll want a #savesmallmi tasty treat from a delicious local ice cream shop like House of Flavors 

This summertime fun really has not much to do with grapes, but we’re glad you played along. Post your summertime fun pics at

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