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Oneida Nation Hopes to Diversify their economy with Hemp

Remember last year how Oneida Nation leaders decided to try to expand their economy beyond gaming by growing hemp? Well, they didnโ€™t have a very successful crop but Tribal leaders are still hopeful hemp can help them move forward in the post-COVID era. Tribal leaders seem to be under pressure just like everyone else. The coronavirus revealed an over-dependence on gaming as casinos shuttered with all other business during the pandemic. The National Indian Gaming Association reported that tribal casinos nationwide could lose half their predicted revenue which is about $22.4 billion!

Oneida officials saw an opportunity in hemp after former Gov. Scott Walker approved a pilot program for Wisconsin farmers to produce it in 2017. Since then tribal leaders have sought to grow hemp to be used for fibers, building products, CBD oil, or seeds for food. Despite last year's pilot crop being small tribal officials are hopeful that their future looks bright GREEN as in healthy hemp and profits!

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