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Michigan governor closes indoor bars, allows to-go cocktails

“Sorry sir, the bar is closed.”

 “Well then, I’ll take my margarita to go.” 

I doubt most have been in this type of conversation because that’s usually something only your Uncle Jim would do...unless of course you ARE Uncle Jim. In any case, this might be a more common occurrence for some Michiganders now that Governor Whitmer has decreed that indoor bars close in parts of the state due to COVID-19. That means no dine in drinks and meals. However, thirsty 21+ Michiganders in those areas are still welcome to order their favorite cocktails to-go or to enjoy outdoor seating when available.

The response to this new order from Lansing has been varied. Some argue it's too strict and will hurt thousands of small businesses. That may be the case but perhaps Michigan is doing better than other places given that California and Florida bars are closed statewide. Obviously, Michigan never has nor never will it be satisfied with comparing itself to other states, especially California and Florida. Nevertheless, we hope this ends soon and we can all get back to shopping locally and supporting our favorite speakeasy, steakhouse, pub, or restaurant. Until then, cheers in the outdoor dining area or the comfort of your own home.

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