Madison School Board says, “Pick one: Police in schools or upgraded technology.” - Paycheck

Madison School Board says, “Pick one: Police in schools or upgraded technology.”

Madison Metropolitan School District currently has four specially trained Student Resource Officers (SRO’s) assigned to protect and respond to needs within the schools. However, SRO’s are now on the chopping block as activists are seeking to end the program district wide. This isn’t new. Many have called for an end of the program by claiming that police in schools negatively impacts students of color and makes them feel unsafe. One school board member successfully ran on a platform to end the program.

Interestingly, school board leaders are also claiming that the new technology needed to safeguard the students from COVID-19 (think extra WIFI, distance learning computers, etc.) is going to be too expensive without making cuts to the current budget. So, the SRO program, which costs about $350,000/year, is probably going to get the axe once the school board convenes and votes sometime Monday June 29th. Officials say if the SRO program does get cut they will simply come up with other strategies to address student safety. Those strategies are currently TBA.


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