How much HAS Wisconsin bounced back?

How much HAS Wisconsin bounced back?

1.  What’s the Covid status? As of June 15, Wisconsin still has less than 700 deaths from COVID-19 (694 to be exact) out of 22,932 positive cases. 

2.  And those hotspots? The top five counties for confirmed cases are: Milwaukee, Brown, Racine, Kenosha, and Dane 

3. No more staying home? That’s right, the state’s stay at home order is donzo, though the “Badger Bounce Back” plan has some localities still on the stay at home phase. 

4. Halfway there! 50% of the “criteria” to fully reopen Wisconsin has officially been met… the Milkmen minor leaguers are starting back up, the Lake Michigan Ferry officially resumed service last week, and it’s time to hit up Bay Beach again! 

5. Schools out for summer... but we’ll be back! Parents and kids and paychecks all heaved a deep sigh of relief as schools are making plans to return in the fall

Now that you’re out and about, where are you spending that paycheck? Pete is picking up some scratchers after he pays those pesky bills... 

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