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The Hardest Part of the Stay at Home Orders

The time has come! Stay at home orders have been lifted across the country! We asked you what were the hardest parts of the stay at home orders and here are some of your responses! (drumroll please…)

The first camp of individuals said nothing; they loved it! 

Genesee and Bobby kinda make us think that it pays to be a homebody, right? Apparently, venturing out for only the bare essentials was a standard operating procedure for many folks well before The Lockdown of 2020. 

Brian also said he loved it! The shift to staying at home was a welcome break from work and everyday life, especially for those who were still getting paid! Having some emergency savings or a steady paycheck to support an extended homestay helped, but not everyone was in the same boat.. 

As a matter of fact, many expressed how financial issues were top of mind. No work left some with worries about simply being able to pay the bills. 

In addition to money struggles , others  said that being lonely  was the hardest part. 

Family gatherings were cancelled and we missed out on our loved ones.. 

Tragically,  a couple facebook comments expressed concerns of not being able to see vulnerable loved ones in nursing homes. Some  feared  they may  not see those family members ever again. What a sad reality to face when there’s no other option.. Our hearts go out to you and your loved ones. 🙏

For others, personal rights and freedoms were a huge issue. Lori expressed she felt her personal  rights were violated  due to  the stay at home order. Yeah, that Constitution and Bill of Rights? Zap, gone...just stay home and obey.

In response Bob just did what he always does, which is whatever he  wants! This is still America after all, right? (listen for the faint chanting of U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!!)

Others channeled their inner Braveheart by  doing the things others were afraid to go out and do. (insert Mel Gibson FREEDOOOOOOOM! gif)

Finally, there were those often underappreciated folks, like Lisa, who had to work through this whole ordeal and risk infection.  

And on a lighter note, some are saying the hardest part of the stay at home order is having to go  back to work! 😜

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