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Looting: help fix the other pandemic devastating our communities

1. WHAT: Protests break out after a video taken by a bystander quickly spread online, showing that by the time Police Officer Chauvin removed his knee from George Floyd’s neck, Floyd appeared to be (and was later pronounced) dead. 

2. THAT’S TERRIBLE, BUT WHY THE LOOTING? People who study these things say oftentimes looters aren’t connected with protesters’ causes at all. They’re just seizing the moment to cause chaos and destruction. 

3. DOUBLE WHAMMY FOR THE GOOD GUYS: In Wisconsin, everything from grocery stores and Walgreens to clothing stores and mobile repair shops have been caught in the middle. One local owner said she had over $100,000 in losses! 

4. BAD, BAD, BAD: Many business owners may not have coverage for these scenarios, and after weeks of no sales due to COVID lockdowns… might not be able to reopen. A survey of Madison State Street business found 40 of the 152 (that’s over 25%!!) are not likely to reopen–and those numbers might get worse. 

5. Do some good… You can jump in and make a difference, AND as a side benefit – get your very own snarky Paycheck Pete t-shirt. Stay tuned for our #savesmall pledge launching next week. We’re coming together to sign up, share the effort, and save small businesses in our communities! 

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