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Trump vs. Twitter vs. My Deleted Tweets?

1. First Punch: For the first time, Twitter labeled the President’s tweet as potentially false information when he posted about mail-in ballot fraud 

2. Left Hook: President Trump responded with an executive order saying if you push your opinion then you can be sued.. here’s lookin’ at you Twitter 

3. Which Details Matter? Mine and only mine! Just kidding…the important fact here is that there are two points of view. Democrats generally want to loosen rules around absentee/mail in voting that they think are burdensome. Republicans generally want rules in place to protect against voting fraud. 

4. Opinions, Opinions, Opinions. The President is not alone in pointing to a history of fraud in mail-in absentee voting (see here and here). And Twitter is not alone in disagreeing with that viewpoint by saying the fraud is limited. 

5. BUT but but does Twitter get to have an opinion? Here’s the rub. Twitter gets special protections that keep it from being sued for what users post (i.e. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act). However — sites that publish news and opinions, instead of just hosting them, don’t get those protections. Twitter’s Hosting + Opinionating = Problems. 

So now what? This attack on the — ‘having their cake (hosting) and eating it too (opinionating)’ — style of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube isn’t new. And soon it might just change social media as we know it. Until then, keep getting and engaging with your favorite news with us at Paycheckology!

Have you had a Tweet or Facebook post hidden by a social media platform? Or seen a post banned that you think shouldn’t have been? Tell us about it here and we’ll write a story!

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