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Does The Government Get Us? Here’s What You Think!

Remember way back, a few months ago, when we thought we were a divided nation?

Then…Covid-19 came along and it was like, “Holy divisive politics, Batman!” Looking back at December, it’s almost cute how much better we all got along (relatively).

Right now, we have no solid answers for the working class. Meanwhile, the people most isolated from the effects of the shutdown are the ones making all the decisions for us, and telling us to just sit and wait for checks to arrive to relieve us. 

Understandably, many are calling upon their governors to jumpstart and reopen their states.

Marge speaks out about Gov. Whitmer closing of non-essential business.

What about the Stimulus checks?

But even if the stores open, will the customers have money to spend? Obviously, we should spend our stimulus checks, right?! More than a few of you report never receiving a stimulus check.

It seems that even if small businesses did open there might not be a whole lot of customers to keep them open. In fact, some are starting to lose faith in the efforts their states are trying to make as Cindy expressed about Gov. Whitmer

While at the same time, others think Gov. Whitmer is doing the best she can. 

To make things more complicated, in Pennsylvania, counties are rebelling. The statewide stay-at-home order has been going on for seven weeks now and people are expressing their frustration, many reaching their breaking points.

As Carol expresses  

And Brian echo’s

It sounds like the people want their states to reopen and quickly. It’s clear that the shutdown has lasted longer than most expected but with no clear plan moving forward it makes it near impossible for the individual to plan. What’s the small business owner to do with bills stacking up and no clear expectation on when they will be open again?

And what’s the deal with masks?

To wear or not to wear has been a highly debated topic this week with many arguing that being forced to wear a mask is a violation of our personal freedom while others say it’s being considerate. Thank you, Bonnie, for summing up the issue so well.

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