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Packed at Bars preferred over Safer at Home

1. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court smacked down Governor Evers’ Safer at Home order two weeks before it was set to expire. 

2. The governor can still issue stay at home orders, but only with legislative approval. But… that seems unlikely since those are the same people who asked for it to be overturned in the first place. 

3. Now, counties are setting the rules. Most have not extended the Safer at Home order. 

4. Some Wisconsinites think that tequila makes the ‘rona germs fall off… bars are packed. 

5. The one consensus that does exist? County and local officials state-wide are hoping the state government can come up with a solution somewhere in between “never leave your house again” and “party like it’s 1999,” so that we can start to go back to work but still stay relatively safe. 

Is that ‘somewhere in between’ solution a safe v unsafe discussion about getting back to work WHILE keeping people as safe as reasonably possible?Send us your safe at work examples on our Facebook page and we’ll highlight them on

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