More Protests for Paychecks - Paycheck

More Protests for Paychecks

1. Last week, a group called ReOpen PA organized their second protest in Harrisburg, demanding Gov. Wolf reopen the Pennsylvania economy. 

2. I remember them: The group’s first protest got national attention in April: Some PA state legislators voiced their concern for Pennsylvanians out of work, while nurses counter-protested across the street. 

3. The recent protest comes as Gov. Wolf described counties reopening without his office’s approval as ‘cowardly’ and ‘selfish’

4. Ouch. Some lawmakers are trying to ease restrictions in their areas and give some power back to counties on how to address the coronavirus situation — all three of these bills were vetoed by Gov. Wolf.

5. So, what’s next? If only we knew. The ReOpen PA founder says Gov. Wolf has had basically unchecked power for more than 70 days — the group feels this is “70 days too long”

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