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Open ICU beds = Opening Economy?

1. First up, an ICU bed challenge. In early April, we were told a shortage of ICU beds for COVID patients was on the way, and therefore the major focus for policymakers was to FLATTEN THE CURVE 

2. Mo beds, mo freedom. We were told if we could spread out infections during a bonafide pandemic and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, we could protect vulnerable lives...and get our non-vulnerable lives back! Cue pants on, hair cuts, and child care. 

3. So how is Wisconsin doing? Great! Lots of beds and a flattening curve. Wisconsin is doing well with less than half (45.75%) of ICU beds filled. See for yourself here

4. Are we out of the woods? What does that even meeaann these days?! Here’s what we do know: 83,697 negative test results, 1,663 hospitalizations, and 353 deaths. AND Wisconsin can test 11,347 people per day! More corona stats here

5. Time to get creative. How are the 34 counties in Wisconsin without ICU beds making it work? They’re getting creative… Read more here

Flattened curves and hospitals with plenty of capacity… how can we unleash more of that creative American spirit for our Paychecks?

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