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Antibody testing 101

1. What the heck is it? An antibody test basically checks your blood for “antibodies” — your own specialized army for fighting a virus

2. Antibody tests tell us who already had a virus, or had enough exposure for their body to mount the cavalry! 

3. Why it’s important: There is a reasonable assumption (i.e., an unproven theory for this specific virus, but one that’s based on knowledge of like-minded viruses, think SARS or MERS) those with antibodies are more or less immune to getting the virus in the future, although the WHO warns they aren’t quit yet sure of the exact scenario for COVID-19. 

4. New York randomly tested 3,000 people and early results show that 14% of New Yorkers have likely had the virus 

5. Wisconsin is gearing up to start antibody testing when case numbers drop

In sum: this is GOOD NEWS that may mean we are further along in beating the coronavirus than we previously realized.

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