These Jobs Will Be Roaring in the 2020s

These Jobs Will Be Roaring in the 2020s

  • Data scientist tops the charts as the hottest job of the 2020s
  • Consider improving your skills with an online certification or local training program
  • Outside of tech, there will be two million vacant manufacturing jobs by 2025

What began as a decade of economic uncertainty ended as one of the strongest decades in our nation’s history. Jobs that barely existed in 2010 are now topping the charts as the hottest jobs of 2020 and beyond. 

As technology continues to improve, more and more high-paying jobs are falling within in the tech sector. Perhaps you’re not planning to be a data scientist or sales engineer, but your younger relatives and neighbor’s children will be earning their first Paycheck in the 2020s and they may want to know about the hottest jobs of the next decade:

Data scientist

Data scientists help companies turn a bunch of data into advertising, new product ideas, and pretty much any other business decision. Now that data is more valuable than oil, more colleges are offering data analytics programs.

Average salary: $107,697

Qualifications to get there: Beginners should consider a professional certificate, such as the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate from Coursera. For an Associates Degree or higher, consult the data science degree roadmap to discover the online or in-person opportunity that’s right for you. Or, consider searching online for non-university programs like the Accelerate ML data science program: a 12-week part-time program led by a data scientist at Uber.

IT Security Engineer: 

There were 3,800 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2019, which was more than a 50 percent increase since 2018. IT security engineers help organizations protect sensitive information from cyberattacks. According to the US Department of Commerce, there are currently 350,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S.

Average salary: $100,553

Qualifications to get there: fortunately, you don’t have to be a computer science expert to get a high-paying job in IT security. As CNBC writes, “people with experience in project management, analytics and data science, technical writing, law, policy, third-party oversight, or physical security functions like law enforcement or military roles, may all be able to qualify for cybersecurity jobs by fine-tuning some critically needed skills.”

To get started, consider a $10 CSLO (Certified Security Leadership Officer) online course on Udemy, or the Certified Cyber Security Professional™ from Global Tech Council. Browse other cybersecurity certificates to jumpstart your career, or consider more advanced careers in the field. Or the Information Security degree offered by the University of Wisconsin.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

More than 61 percent of U.S. employees have experienced or witnessed discrimination in the workplace. Companies are investing in D&I (diversity and inclusion) to create a more inclusive work environment for all employees.

Average salary: $98,154

Qualifications to get there: a job in human resources is a great starting point to becoming a diversity and inclusion director or manager. There are free online courses for inclusion and diversity, and more advanced certificate programs like the D&I Certificate Program from American Management Association. If you currently work in HR and your company doesn’t have a D&I training program, consider asking your boss to spearhead the first one.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers help companies sell their software to other businesses. According to, “those with a marketing background may be able to learn more about tech products and software in order to transition into this type of role.”

Average salary: $90,000

Qualifications to get there: A job as a sales engineers usually requires a Bachelor’s degree, but people with sales experience or a technical background may qualify without a degree. For more info, check out the Sales Engineer career path.

Salesforce Developer

The most tech job on the list, Salesforce Developer, helps companies code software and applications for their company. Developers usually have a background in computer science.

Average salary: $80,357

Qualifications to get there: Consider starting with the Salesforce Development Training for beginners course from Udemy, but you’ll probably want to get a computer science certification first. 

It’s not all tech.

While these jobs will definitely be roaring in the 2020s, you don’t have to switch to a tech career or pursue an expensive degree just to increase your Paycheck. Consider improving your current skills to get a promotion, raise, or switch to a different company in the same industry that may offer better benefits.

According to Cerasis, there will be 2 million vacant manufacturing jobs by 2025, and Yahoo ranked Foreman as the number one hottest job of 2019 (accounts payable managers, machine operators, and customer success manager also on the list). Consider one of the many programs in the Wisconsin Technical College System to make your Paycheck bigger and brighter in the 2020s!

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