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5 Fast Facts: The Turkey-Syria Situation

While some believe it is America’s (and our tax dollars) responsibility to lead the world, others are doubtful about what they see as missions abroad with no end in sight…

  • The U.S., alongside Kurd allies, defeated ISIS at the Turkey-Syria border.
  • But Turkey (our NATO ally) wasn’t happy with the Kurdish crew on its border and wanted to use that space to relocate the Syrian refugees hiding out in Turkey. 
  • Amidst the debate, the U.S. removed some of our troops who were in harms’ way and Turkey invaded Syria, targeting Kurdish civilians. Turkey sees the Kurds as part of a terrorist group due to a historic land dispute which results in fighting between the two. 
  • We see the Kurds as our biggest ally against ISIS and other regional extremists, and they have been reliable warriors. However, we haven’t supported the Kurdish desire to form their own state, which is kind of like history on repeat.
  • Bringing American troops home and prioritizing US interests have been among Trump’s main goals, however the Trump administration is getting a lot of backlash for leaving our Kurdish allies to fend for themselves. 

Meanwhile, it’s not clear if there is a long-term plan that would make both Turkey and the Kurds happy but that also lets our troops leave Syria. The White House is sending an additional $4.5 million to the Syrian Civil Defense to support the rescue of those caught up in the war. 

Do you think we should bring home U.S. troops no matter what?

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The latest on the situation in Syria

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