Beyond Tariffs - What Are the Real Costs of Doing Business with China?

Beyond Tariffs – What Are the Real Costs of Doing Business with China?

  • The US and China agreed to phase one of a comprehensive trade deal
  • Should American companies trade silence for access to China’s market?
  • How the NBA sheds light on China’s government control

The US-China trade situation has been anything but rosy. With so much news and so many Presidential meetings, it can be hard to remember the underlying issues that got us here in the first place. It’s not just a matter of making China buy more agricultural products or stop stealing our trade secrets, which are important. It’s more about leveling the playing field on a much larger scale so all US companies, and citizens, can have a good economic relationship with the world’s second largest economy.

We have a free democracy built to make the American people thrive. China has a communist party built to make the government thrive. That stark difference underlies this entire trade war that we hear about every day, and it’s the reason why coming to an agreement will take a lot of time and strategic negotiating.

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