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5 Fast Facts: What’s going on with Trump, Biden, and Ukraine?

In July, President Trump had a congratulatory phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A U.S. government employee not on the call raised a flag about the conversation afterwards (i.e. whistleblower)… then, on September 24, Speaker Pelosi opened an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The next morning, the Trump Administration released a summary of the conversation. And then the whistleblower complaint was released. Cue the latest D.C. drama… 

  1. House Democrats announced this week an official impeachment inquiry into President Trump. What this means, basically, is House Committees will investigate whether impeachable offenses occurred.
  2. The allegation is that President Trump pressured “the president of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically.” Is that illegal? Not likelyThe argument for impeachment is still coming together, but the complaint from Democrats is that Trump exhibited an ‘abuse of power’ in asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s role in the 2014 firing a Ukrainian prosecutor. 
  3. Trump is saying he “didn’t pressure anybody,” and the President of Ukraine backed this position that he was not ‘pressured’ to do anything.
  4. Weeks before the call Trump withheld nearly $400 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine, which he says was to encourage European nations to increase their support to Ukraine…  
  5. Where did all of this start? Back in 2014, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine and called for the firing of a state prosecutor looking into a gas company where Hunter Biden held a board position. Biden and former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko say there was no wrongdoing –  but Trump and his team want to know more about it.

Why does your Paycheck care? An attempt to impeach would charge around $2 million to the U.S. taxpayer credit card… and that’s not even including the cost of stopping any productivity (ha!) Congress would have had without the impeachment circus.

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