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Will the New Apprenticeship Efforts Deliver?

Will the New Apprenticeship Efforts Deliver? 

It’s official: American taxpayers pay three times as much on student-welfare services, like meals, housing, and transportation, than other developed nations… not even to get started on how much we pay in tuition! That, alongside a growing worker shortage for skilled jobs, is why the White House thinks it’s high time to consider apprenticeship programs instead of the standard four-year degree —  and they’re giving $183.8 million in grants to schools to make it happen. But don’t worry… taxpayers aren’t going to be footing the bill.

Apprenticeships help workers learn and earn without racking up the debt

College can’t be the only way to land a high-paying job, especially with college degrees losing their power. And industries like manufacturing are facing a growing worker shortage that could cost the U.S. $2.5 trillion over the next decade.

Let’s face it: trades jobs are the backbone to most local communities anyway, so it’s only right that these workers get the time and attention they deserve.

That’s why the current administration is focusing on apprenticeships as a way to build America’s workforce and boost American Paychecks.

Grants to help workers get the training they need

Just last week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced $183.8 million in workforce development grants “to help create and promote partnerships among educational institutions, companies and trade associations,” writes Industry Week.

The U.S. is going to be short 2 million manufacturing workers by 2025, and the industry can’t rely on job fairs to fill those positions.

What’s the pay like for these skilled trade jobs?

The average salary in the manufacturing industry is $68,000, and some of the top paying jobs in the industry pay $70,000 or even $80,000 per year.

Plus, there are plenty more skilled trades jobs that pay $20 to $30 an hour, and that’s more than some college graduates make after sticking their head in a book for four years and paying an astronomical price for a diploma.  

Taxpayers aren’t even paying for the grants – legal immigration is

Possibly the best part about the government increasing apprenticeship funding is that the costs are covered by H-1B visa fees, NOT taxpayers.

H-1B visas cost employers around $5,000 per visa recipient, and the fees paid to the government are now being used to fund apprenticeship programs that support American workers.

How to find an apprenticeship program in Wisconsin

Want to get job training on the job (while getting paid!) instead of sitting in a classroom making $0/hour? 

Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development recommends the following steps to find an apprenticeship:

  1. Get prepared – brush up on your basic science and technology skills
  2. Graduate high school or get a GED, if you haven’t already
  3. Find the right trade that suits you
  4. Look for apprenticeships listed on the Job Center of Wisconsin
  5. Apply and start your new career

In Wisconsin, your local Apprenticeship Training Representative (ATR) is the best person to contact if you’re looking for an apprenticeship in your local area — just call or email them and ask!

The government’s apprenticeship finder is another great resource for finding programs in your zip code.

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